Your New Year Resolutions At The Midpoint

Your New Year Resolutions At The Midpoint: How To Up Your Game With Your Fitness Goals For The Rest Of The Year

When New year rolls round we are all quick to make those “get fit” resolutions. We promise ourselves we will join a gym, start running or exercise each day to tone up and improve our bodies. We make a lot of claims about how we are going to do it. But a lot of the time we have the best intentions but don’t follow through completely. So now we are at the midpoint of the year it’s a perfect time re-evaluate your new year resolutions. You can then see how you can kick start them again for the rest of the year. More specifically reach that fitness goal you set. So I thought it would be a good time to share with you how you can do that.

Your New Year Resolutions At The Midpoint
Your New Year Resolutions At The Midpoint

Remember what you want to achieve

Think back to the point you made a promise to yourself. What did you want to achieve? Was it to lose weight? Could it be to get fitter? Whatever your reason was, remind yourself of it. The take a look at yourself today. How do you compare to what you were like back in January? Have you made any improvements? Have things changed? Whether your goal is the same or not re-set yourself this challenge for the rest of the year.

Set realistic goals to achieve it

A lot of the time we have an ambition, an end goal. But that can seem like a long journey ahead at the beginning of our fitness quest. So start off with small goals and realistic targets for your new year resolutions. This will be a great motivator to smash those targets and achieve your ultimate goals. Plus it always feels better believing you are taking the necessary steps, rather than feeling like it is too far away.

Your New Year Resolutions - Fitness Quest
Your New Year Resolutions – Fitness Quest

Have you got the right gear?

Again we can have the best intentions. But if we don’t kit ourselves out with the right clothing or the best CrossFit shoes or trainers we are going to have a problem. Part of succeeding is looking the part and wearing the right things. Not only does it help our confidence but it ensures we are protected as best we can be from injury or problems in the future.

Keep hydrated and think about your diet

Increasing your fitness isn’t just about the exercise we take, but what we fuel our bodies with. So it’s essential to think about your whole lifestyle as opposed to the fitness side of things. This might mean increasing the amount of water you drink each day or when you take exercise. Or it might be about reducing the number of carbohydrates you eat and increasing your protein and vegetable intake. You will have much more energy fueling your body the right way.

Your New Year Resolutions - Keep a positive mind
Your New Year Resolutions – Keep a positive mind

Keep a positive mind

Finally, the last thing you should do would be to keep a positive mind. You need to accept that results don’t happen overnight. Doing things the right way is a journey, and should be an enjoyable one. So embrace that and keep positive. The change will come.

I hope this has inspired you to kick start your fitness journey for the rest of the year.

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