Train Smarter And Not Harder

Train Smarter And Not Harder

With all the things that keep you busy, does exercising sometimes takes a back seat in your life? If that is the case, then you may ask you ” how to train smarter and not harder “.

The concept

Training smarter is a way of getting maximum results out of the minimal effort. It includes how you exercise, how long you do it for, and what you eat.

The exercise

The best exercise to do when you are training smarter is interval training. This is where you work hard for an amount of time have a short, active rest and then work hard again. This means that you can do explosive movements burning lots of calories. By repeating this, you can get a much more effective workout in a smaller amount of time. A good example of this is running. You could jog for 60 minutes at the same speed and burn 500 calories. Or you could try interval training for 30 mins to burn 500 calories.

Train Smarter And Not Harder - There is a range of interval training activities.
Train Smarter And Not Harder – There is a range of interval training activities.

Which ones sounds better to you?  There are a range of interval training activities you can do, including running, skipping and swimming. If you are lucky enough to have access to a 24-hour gym, there is no excuse not to fit in 30 mins of exercise a day!

The Food

Working smarter and not harder means you need to look at your diet. Think of your diet as pushing a boulder of the hill. The smaller the incline is, the easier it is going to be to push the boulder up it. So the better the diet you have, the less effort you will need to make to get in tip top shape.

Train smarter and not harder means you need to look at your diet.
Train smarter and not harder means you need to look at your diet.

Yes, food is pleasurable, but its’ main purpose is to fuel our bodies. You need to put the best fuel in, get the best results out. You could consider a whole food diet which limits processed carbohydrates and sugars. Another eating is the paleo diet which limits your intake to foodstuffs that were around for industrialisation.

The motivation

As in all targets, we set ourselves; motivation is the key. A great activity before you begins your smarter routine is to draw a chart on a piece of paper. Write down all the advantages of getting the fit and losing weight on one side of the paper, and all the disadvantages on the other. Now it may seem funny to say this and disadvantages to losing weight, but there can be. These disadvantages may include other people being jealous or not feeling like yourself. By identifying these obstacles, you can work out a plan for when they arise. With a plan in place, you can move confidently forward with your new smarter training regime.

The results

The results you see will depend on the effort that you put in. By training smarter not harder, you have given yourself the best chance to maximise great results with minimal effort. It is really good to have some short-term targets regarding fitness level and body weight. This will keep you motivated throughout the whole process.

Remember it takes a time to make any changes, and not every day will be a good day. If you want to make a change today, try to train smarter and not harder and reap the rewards.

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