The Warming Up – Mistakes to Avoid

The Warming Up: The Mistakes to Avoid

Before any exercise session or a game, the sportsman is expected to do some warm-up. It may look simple, but there are some pitfalls that you need to look out for. The warming up helps to switch both the mind and the body of the sportsman to the exercise or game ahead of them and increase slowly the heart rate, rather than quickly. It is an essential preparative activity that should be performed for a safe and effective workout or sports activity. To aid great performance, whether in workout or games, steroids come in handy as they enhance force or speed. You should not be stressed about where to buy safe and reliable steroids at cheap prices, but just check online at Acheter Stéroïdes Anabolisants En Ligne for really great deals.  

The Warming Up - To aid great performance, whether in workout or games, steroids come in handy as they enhance force or speed.
The Warming Up – To aid great performance, whether in workout or games, steroids come in handy as they enhance force or speed.

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So what are common mistakes that people make whit the warming up?

Failing to do the warm-up completely

At times you could be overly eager to get over with your workout, and as such, regard warm-up as a tiring activity and a waste of precious time. You will be tempted to skip it. A warm-up is very important and is not a waste of time. Because, it sets your joints into a full motion, switches the brain to physical activity, and increases the heart activity steadily. Furthermore, blood is made to flow through the system, muscles get prepared for the activity to come. And, the chances of injuries occurring are minimized.

When performing cardio workouts, some people think that this exercise can act as the warm-up by themselves, and skip a proper warm-up. One should employ dynamic stretches to warm-up ankles, wrist and other joints with simple motions.   

The Warming Up - Static Stretching.
The Warming Up – Static Stretching.

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Static stretching

Mostly done in preparation for resistance training, static stretching is done by holding a stretch for about 30 seconds. Or, at times, compelling a limb to remain in a particular position. This should be done after a workout rather than before, as it relaxes the muscle instead of activating them. Dynamic stretches are a better idea as they move the joints through their full motion without keeping them in a relaxed state. Arm circles are good dynamic stretches.

Ballistic stretching

This involves quick ‘stretching’ in bouncing motions before the muscles have relaxed enough. As the first warm-up exercise, it is quite abrupt to the body. It is not helpful and may lead to injury. Nevertheless, it can make a great secondary warm-up. Instead of ballistic stretching before a sport, one can warm up by mimicking the movement of the sport they are supposed to play after the initial warm-up. You can rotate the upper body while carrying no weights when warming up for rotational sports such as football or softball. If you are getting into a basketball game, you can hop after performing dynamic stretches like ankle rolls and lunges.   




The Warming Up – Before starting the game.

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You should visualize the movements of the sport you are about to play and imitate them before starting the game. This ensures that once you get to play, the mind is concentrating on performance, and the movements are happening automatically.

The essence of warm-ups cannot be ignored. They must be given their place in any workout session or sports event.




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