Lose Weight By Yoga

How to lose weight by yoga? 

Lose weight by yoga - Get a yoga certification
Lose weight by yoga – Get a yoga certification

In the past several years, yoga has seen a constant rise in popularity. More and more people all over the world have started practicing yoga; some just wanted to be super flexible, other want to stay healthy and strong. But, there are those who actually took yoga to another level, and used it to for weight loss. If you are now thinking “ Lose weight by yoga, how is this possible?” rest assured that after reading this article, you will completely understand how yoga can help you with weight loss and all other problems related to obesity. Listed below are several ways in which yoga can help you lose your weight.

Creating the pH balance

If your body is low too acidic), it will try to protect itself from the acid by storing fat to using it as a buffer. This can be very dangerous, especially because the visceral fat accumulates within your veins and arteries, which results in narrow passages in your bloodstream and bad blood circulation. By obstructing the activity of the blood vessels, fat is preventing many organs from functioning properly, including the heart. By doing yoga, you reduce your body’s toxicity and increase the pH level. Higher pH levels mean less toxicity and giving your body the opportunity to function normally, with enough blood in every part its system.

Stimulating the liver

The liver has many important functions, one of which is processing fats, both good and bad ones. It is also a detoxifier, which is very important especially if you are looking to live healthily and lose weight. If your liver is healthy and strong, it will get rid of bad fats and put the good ones to work for you. By storing the glucose and making coenzyme Q10 which powers your muscles, the liver will give you the energy needed for the day. How is this connected to yoga? Well, there is a group of yoga exercises specially created to stimulate the vital force of the liver and bring it to optimum functioning. Not only that but by performing yoga you also burn your fats around your stomach and waist and in the process get rid of the bad fats.

Lose weight by yoga
Lose weight by yoga

Activating the internal heat

Taking a yoga class does not mean losing weight automatically. Yoga is an ancient art which was developed throughout the years and is still evolving as the time goes by. In order to get the most from it, one would have to learn about yoga and its purposes, and all the things yoga is capable of doing for your body. Also, anyone interested in health and education can go a step further and take additional classes in order to get a yoga certification. One thing that yoga is good at is increasing your internal heat. This is done by creating nerve tension within the body, and when the body feels warm, it starts “melting” the fat. The heat generated will burn up visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. What better way of getting rid of that irritating layer of fat than by doing yoga.

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Increasing the heart rate

Another thing which people do not understand is the heart rate and its effect on weight loss. Namely, most think that by running and increasing your heart rate, you will lose weight. This is a complete misconception; if you have an already stressed organism, this will lead to adrenalin fatigue, which can be very dangerous. Having your heart rate high all the time is not healthy at all. But, increasing heart rate significantly for a very short amount of time and then returning it to normal does have strong effects on weight loss. With yoga, you can do exactly that- burst your heart beats high, and then return them to normal. Rinse and repeat throughout several exercises and your body will start melting itself naturally.

Lose Weight By Yoga - Burst your heart beats high, and then return them to normal.
Lose Weight By Yoga – Burst your heart beats high, and then return them to normal.

Yoga is great for many things, weight loss included. Learning how to perform yoga in many different ways can help your body stay young and strong, and regulate your body fats so that you are only left with the good fats. Utilize yoga to its fullest and have a healthy and normal life.

Do it well and lose weight by yoga.

This article is written in collaboration with Peter Minkoff

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