Interval Training Programmes

History of interval training programmes – The development of recent interval training programmes is highly appreciated. Way back, it’s Dr Woldemar Gerschler was known to be a pioneer of interval training programme. His methods are reinforced with physiological principles which been useful with the line up to Dr Herbert Reindel, a cardiologist and utilised the method of Gerschler’s that is mainly responsible for building up of cardiovascular. 

INTERVAL TRAINING PROGRAMMES - Training for heart rate increase.
INTERVAL TRAINING PROGRAMMES – Training for heart rate increase.

July 15, 1939

During those times, they were in quest of training strategies that will develop both fitness and the capability of the heart. Thanks to them they have exerted their effort to conduct their study which takes them about 3,000 captive which takes them both to render 21 locks in the period of days to derive a method of workout called interval training. During their experiment, they analyse something that hearts rate increase from such workout. It was July 15, 1939, one of the memorably noted dates as the training of Rudolf Harbig, a trainee of Gerschler reach a record of 800m in 1:46.6 and turned a world record a month after. The more people want to be enrolled with Gerschler’s training because of its popularity that developed champion of the world.

An interval workout is generally known to the people even up to this recent day where there are lots of coaches are embracing it but some have been more improving and it doesn’t use the Gerschler’s form of training. Athletes are also embracing it as their sports training programme.  

INTERVAL TRAINING PROGRAMMES - Sports training programme.
INTERVAL TRAINING PROGRAMMES – Sports training programme.

Pros in embracing interval training programmes

Once you are working out with this type of interval training, you are going to

Get benefits in both physical and psychological aspect. Such of these are the following:

  1. Reduce stress- when you are doing the training you don’t feel getting bored. Thus then when you do workout your mind and body feel being refresh and you tend to forget stressful things around because you will eradicate getting bored.
  2. Lose weight- when you do this type of workout it will burn fats and calories that will result to lose some pounds. This type of weight training programme is good for obese men and women who don’t have a heart-related problem.
  3. Improve your fitness level – when you lose weight you can do more and will increase your performance level because your fats are burned out then you feel good about yourself. You can boost your performance to the next level. This way you can perform your daily task without getting easily tired.
  4. Cut down time spent in exercise – This type of workout is more reproductive compare to other types of workout to the fact that it has the same effect of burning out fats and calories. 

Cons of interval training

Just like to any other form of exercises, if there are benefits then there is also a con in using this training and it is not suitable for the person with the heart problem because this type of workout will allow someone to increase the heart rate. So if you have heart problem then you must refrain from working out with this type of programme.

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