Common Workout Myths

3 False Common Workout Myths You Shouldn’t Believe!

There are many things I love and hate about the fitness community. I love that people can come together and inspire one another. But, I hate that so many people bombard others with information that just isn’t true. Today, I’m going to look at some common workout myths that are flying around the fitness community. And, I’m going to show you how wrong they are.

Workouts Must Be At Least An Hour Long

We’ve all been to the gym and seen that one person that takes over and hour to do their workout. They’re there when you walk in, and still going strong when you walk out. There are so many people that believe the longer you work out, the better. However, this is untrue. In fact, the longer you spend in the gym, the fewer benefits you’ll see. There’s no way that you can have an intense workout that lasts over an hour long.

One of the common workout myths is about intense workout
One of the common workout myths is about intense workout

It’s impossible to keep up a high level of intensity for that length of time. As such, you’re not maximizing your potential. If you workout with intensity, you’ll see much better results. You boost your metabolism and can grow lean muscle. If you stay in the gym for over an hour, then you also run the risk of overtraining. Workouts only have to be half an hour to forty-five minutes long. Just make sure you keep up the intensity throughout.

common workout myths - the key to muscle growth
common workout myths – the key to muscle growth

You Need High Testosterone Levels To Grow Muscle

Many gym goers will tell you that the key to muscle growth lies within your testosterone levels. If they aren’t high, then you won’t build lean muscle. However, this isn’t strictly true. You can have medium levels and still gain as much muscle as possible. Many people take supplements to boost their T levels, but this won’t make a difference. They only increase by a little bit, and it won’t make you gain any more muscle. However, that doesn’t mean these supplements aren’t useful.

Testosterone boosters
Testosterone boosters

 Testosterone boosters can help you see many of the real benefits of elevated T levels. This involves better moods, fat loss, and increased libido. Find the best testosterone booster report out there and read it to find out even more. Reports can help you find the best supplements to get the most benefits.

Women Shouldn’t Lift Weights

This is one of the biggest and common workout myths around. Ask a female fitness newbie train with weights and they’ll say the same thing. They think they shouldn’t use weights, as they don’t want to get big and muscular like men.

common workout myths - women shouldn’t use weights
common workout myths – women shouldn’t use weights

The truth is, this isn’t going to happen. Again, it goes back to our friend testosterone. Women have much lower levels of this than men. Way lower than what a man would consider a low level. As such, they won’t pack on as much muscle as men do, unless they take illegal drugs.

If you’ve been on any fitness forum, then I’m sure you’ve seen these things before. Don’t believe them if anyone tries telling you they’re true!


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