Hello , welcome to my Blog, some words about me .

About Me - Image Of Myself
About Me – Image Of Myself

First I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Ralf – Detlef Scheffler , 56 yrs old and I am a proud father of a 13-year-old great boy, divorced from his mum, but we still get along quite well.

I am from Germany, but living now for 28 years already on Tenerife, Canary Islands Spain.
In Germany, I used to work in the industrial construction trade for many years as a manager, being in charge of the team and projects.

For 26 years I have had my own little business here on the island, which I had to give up due
to health problems. After several months of recovering, I had to realign and find new chores.
And so I discovered the numerous possibilities the Internet provides. I really enjoy my new challenge as a Blogger and hope to become a good information and entertainment source for you.

It was lucky to enter a group of people, who were looking for the same as me, with a few very skilled leaders of the development. They provide a daily online training to help us becoming right “whizzes” in this cryptic world of “bloggers” ( Blogger ). I am getting better with every day and really enjoy my new task.

About me - On the way to moon land Tenerife
About me – On the way to moon land Tenerife

What’s also very important to me is exercising and nutrition. I like walking, running, swimming and dancing and I absolutely avoid junk food !
Vitamins, proteins, hydrates, calcium, iron … are fundamental in our daily diet, but every time
in its ideal dose and knowing what food is the most suitable and contains the correct quantity that we need to use every day. Of course and very important are to take enough liquid, there are a lot of
different drinks , not only water .

We have to take good care of our bodies and health, sadly I had to experience myself, how essential your health is. Health is our greatest asset, mentally and physically !

I, for my part, have found what I really enjoy doing, this will definitely be my future pursuit
and if I can help anyone, who has any questions, who wants information or who I can help with some advice, it will be my pleasure !
Don’t hesitate, leave a comment or send an e-mail, I will get back to you immediately.
Or have you got any pieces of advice for me, any suggestions for improvement, just get in touch with me.
I really do appreciate any exchange of views and ideas.

Thanks for your attention

Ralf – Detlef

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